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The distance between China and Serbia: do you think it is only more than 10000 kilometers?

Release Date:2021-10-11

The distance between China and Serbia: do you think it is only more than 10000 kilometers? Transportation problems hinder international trade


Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, China's transportation industry has always been faced with enormous pressure of material delivery. Although China's government and departments have issued many policies and measures, there are still a large number of goods being backlog and waiting for shipment at ports and borders. At present, sea freight is still high, containers are still in short supply, and railway transportation is also difficult to find a container. However, due to the epidemic, there are only dozens of inbound and outbound vehicles in some customs every day, which is far from meeting the transportation demand, and air cargo booking is more expensive and difficult. Port and border congestion has plagued shippers and carriers for a long time.



The distance from China to Serbia is more than 10000 kilometers. Generally, shippers will choose sea transportation. For some urgently purchased materials, they usually choose land transportation or air transportation. Under the current epidemic situation, there are congestion and delay problems in different degrees in the three modes of transportation by sea, land and air. At present, how to transport goods from China to foreign destinations has become a very challenging thing. As a company engaged in international trade and international transportation agency, our company has also been trying to explore various feasible transportation schemes. The following is mainly to share the transportation scheme from China to Serbia.




2. Charter flight


For the materials purchased urgently, it is obviously impossible to use land transportation or sea transportation due to the long transportation time, so charter flights can be used as an option. Generally speaking, you need to book a charter flight some time in advance. The model of Chartered aircraft shall be selected according to the cargo conditions. It should be noted that due to the epidemic, some airlines or airports need to transport goods on pallets and load and unload goods on vehicles in order to avoid personnel infection or improve efficiency, and hundreds of pallets will occupy a lot of space, so as to reduce the cargo volume and weight and increase the transportation cost. Therefore, before booking a charter flight, it is necessary to clarify the model of the charter flight and the relevant regulations of the airline and the airport, so as to avoid adding huge expenses before the plane departs after paying the deposit.