Business introduction
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Business introduction

Our company organizes the transport of all types of goods from China to all countries on all continents. The services of our transport are highly professionally organized according to all legal regulations of China and international legal regulation.

Our  logistic  cooperation  with  the  best 

transport companies allows the transport  of goods  from  door  to door  from China 

to your address.

Users of our services choose  the  type  of  

transport  and we  also  give  them  some

suggestions in  order to organize transport 

as quickly and economically as possible.


  Our  company  have  warehouses  in

  Ningxia,  Zhejiang, Shanghai, Tianjin,

  Guangdong,  China,  which  we  can 

  offer to customers for warehousing.

All  our   subcontractors  in  trade  as  well  as regular  users of transport services have special benefits in  terms  of prices.

We ask all our clients to fill in the transport information questionnaire as accurately as possible so that our offer can be given as accurately as possible.